Return Policy
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The right to discontinue or cancel the contract shall apply within 15 calendar days as of the latter’s effective date. Returns can be requested by sending an email to Information about the order may be requested to ensure that the return is justified. Once the return has been requested, the “User” has two options:

1. “IESE SHOP” will designate a courier to pick up the product in question at the address stipulated by the “User” so long as said location is within the same country as the one in which the original order was placed.

2. The “User” will be in charge of safely sending the product in question to the address stipulated by “IESE SHOP”.

General conditions:

  • As this is a return, the related courier costs will be paid by the “User”.
  • The product has to be in perfect condition, with its original packaging and the corresponding purchase receipt.
  • Once the product has been returned and found to be in perfect condition, the process to refund the corresponding amount can begin.
  • This transfer may take up to 7 working days as of the date the product is received.
  • In keeping with health and hygiene norms, clothing and undergarments cannot be exchanged or refunded.

Damaged or defective products

If the product the “User” receives is damaged, he/she can send an email to or fill in the corresponding form on the website.
If the product is defective, IESE SHOP will substitute said product so long as it has not been used or if the “User” is not responsible for the defects in question. The “User” shall not be charged for this substitution, and the latter shall transpire as quickly as possible.